NRI-Portfolio Investment Management

KCS Launches "SyNRiS" - a NRI-Portfolio Investment System


NRI-Portfolio Investment Scheme (PIS) is a scheme of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) defined in Schedule 3 of Foreign Exchange Management Act 2000 under which the 'Non Resident Indians (NRI)', 'Person of Indian Origin (PIO)' and 'Overseas Corporate Bodies (OCB)' can purchase and sell shares and convertible debentures of Indian Companies on a recognized stock exchange in India by routing all such purchase/sale transactions through their account held with a designated branch, with appropriate reporting to RBI & Other statutory/monitoring body as designated by Finance Ministry.

KCS has aligned and readied itself with "SyNRiS" comprehensive software that caters to the "NRI - PortFolio Investments" initiative.

"SyNRiS" Solution

SyNRiS provides for Banks to capture all the Account opening formalities & investment details of the NRI investor to submit to Reserve Bank of India electronically in timely and efficient manner. Auto generation of Standard of RBI reports of LEC and ASCII file.

SyNRiS provides for a total parameterized maintenance of Charges Module to help the bank to levy various charges like PIS Charges, AMC Charges, Permission Charge etc.

SyNRiS provides for to efficiently restrict trading in banned scrip by RBI/BSE. Intelligently handles 5% trading limit on scrip as per RBI guidelines.

SyNRiS provides for Calculation of Capital gains, on FIFO or Selection basis.

SyNRiS provides for Alert messages for expiry of Purchase / Sale Transactions, TDS not paid to Government, Scrip Limits, breached.

SyNRiS total secure software with Makers & - Checker for transaction handling.