Corporate Lending

SyCOL™ - Corporate Versatile Corporate Lending & Monitoring Solution

Many established Banks have large portfolios of Corporate Assets. To assist in 'service delivery' and 'credit operations' they depend on multiple software systems. To improve efficiencies, enhance client satisfaction and to ensure better Compliance and Control environment, there is an urgent need to replace the existing software support system, by replacing it with a 'Complete Business Solution'. This will enable Corporate Bankers to quickly respond to market.
KCS SyCOL™ - Corporate is a business solution that is reliable, user friendly and can facilitate banks to improve 'service delivery' and 'turn around' times. SyCOL™ - Corporate is ideally placed to address the concerns of any Corporate Banker. It offers the benefits of the latest technologies and will also interface with other software solutions running in the Bank. Apart from this, KCS will also render assistance in migration of data from the existing system to the new system.

requirements, to improve their capability of monitoring assets, provide more accurate and prompt MIS to Senior Management, Internal & External Auditors and more importantly, to regulators like the Central Bank of the country. It should also streamline the work flow process, enhance controls, maximize the use of existing resources both human and technology, besides assisting the entire corporate banking team to deliver superior customer service.
The software can be customized in modules to cater to the special needs of a bank. It has been designed with an open system design methodology and can be easily customized to meet specific requirements of a bank. SyCOL™ maintains data in yearly volumes, so that no purging of data is required at any stage. It can handle very high volumes of loan transactions. SyCOL™ utilizes the Clients existing network and helps Banks to maximize their infrastructure.

Advantages of SyCOL™ - Corporate

  • » Streamlines workflows within the Corporate Banking setup across the bank and Bankers will have access to a wide array of information at all times from their desktop
  • » Clients will enjoy faster turn around times on any kind of service request needed from the Corporate Banking Group
  • » New techniques can be introduced to process loan applications and leverage their existing portfolios to extract maximum revenues
  • » Flexibility to innovate and introduce new products, at short notice
  • » Exercise better post disbursal monitoring
  • » Enhance existing client service standards
  • » Generate up-to-date and accurate MIS and present it in a form and manner that will be useful and timely to take informed decisions
  • » Better control over client outstanding and limit utilizations
  • » Use a flexible limit system that will enable their Clients to fully utilize the limits
  • » Better revenue accounting and analysis of returns client wise, business segment wise, industry wise, geographical area wise, unit wise, group wise and even relationship manager wise. Cost Center and Profit Center accounting are also built in to SyCOL™
  • » Enable Administration/ Back office to send Prompt and accurate reports to Country's Central Bank, Head Office and to Internal & External Clients. Improve quality of the Appraisal Memorandum.

Features of SyCOL™ - Corporate

  • » Flexible centralized limit maintenance
  • » Exposure monitoring & guarantor exposure
  • » Extensive parameterization with flexible interest and revenue recovery methods
  • » Comprehensive management of all types of collateral with re-valuation facility matching the collateral type
  • » Syndication/ Consortium financing
  • » User definable asset classification
  • » Facilitates centralization of processes
  • » Alerts for an event
  • » Access control module with industry standard security features
  • » Flexible scoring and risk grading programs
  • » Caution list/black list maintenance with data upload facility
  • » Employee / User maintenance with delegation of financial powers
  • » Pending Task programs for early watch
  • » 'Non Performing Loans ' - monitoring module with workflow for legal procedures
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