Why KCS?

You have already made the decision to outsource your IT requirements to India. India, Inc. is now a global brand for meeting your IT requirements at low cost without compromise on quality. However, in India today, there are hundreds of companies offering software development and support services at low costs. So how do you decide who to partner with? What differentiates KCS from the competition?


Having us as your Product & software solutions provider ensures that even during economic downturns with lower margins and billing rates, we will still be around as your long term partner. Few small to medium sized software companies in India can boast of this kind of stability and sustainability.


Along with the stability that comes with a large company, we bring to the table the flexibility and cost competitiveness of a medium sized enterprise. We have served clients ranging from small businesses employing a few dozen people to large corporations with tens of thousands of employees – domestic and international. We have the flexibility to remain committed to every kind of project, large or small, without ever having to compromise on the competitive billing rates that we offer.

Track Record

Being part of the IT industry for several years has enabled us to build an enviable track record. We have had the opportunity to serve a large number of domestic and international clients and have the testimonials and references to prove it. Few Indian IT companies in our category can match that.