DEBOS (Depository Back Office Solution)

The Evolving Trends
Indian Financial system, with its structure of national level depositories and depository participants has been in operation for over a decade and is servicing retail and wholesale investors. The past couple of years have seen an unprecedented increase and rapid change in the 'Indian Financial Markets' with introduction of on-line trading and opening of new markets like commodities and derivatives. The entry of host of brokers entering the on-line ring promises exciting times ahead. The revolutionary & path breaking changes in technology have made it possible for financial services to operate globally and offer a broad array of new services. Within this high-tech and highly competitive environment, financial services increasingly are finding that their customers demand instantaneous and interactive access to customer-specific information. These rich facilities have increased the customer expectations & are the need of the hour. Today, customers demand quality service & transparency of their investments. With the cut - throat competition, the key differentiator for companies will be the investment in technology and back office infrastructure. The challenge ahead for the Depository Participants would be to operate in a competitive yet lucrative market.

What Do We Offer?
DEBOS: Depository Participants Back Office is a flagship product in capital markets primarily geared to facilitate the Depository Participant/s with an integrated and robust platforms that would enable the trading on both National Securities Depository Ltd. (NSDL) and Central Depository Services Ltd. (CDSL). The system handles all the back office operations of the depository participants. The system is robust and enables the depository participant to handle the ever growing volumes without compromising on service & quality to its clients.


  • » Multi depository system capable of handling both NSDL and CDSL depositories
  • » Multi depository participant system
  • » Multi account system
  • » Multi branch account
  • » E - Statement of the holding & transactions
  • » System built audit control
  • » In built inventory control
  • » Stop transfer & instruction cancellation facility
  • » Exhaustive reporting module' as per requirement
  • » On-line trading interface
  • » Speed e- interface
  • » Web reporting system
  • » Financial accounting module