Retail Lending

KCS Launches "SyRELA" - a Retail Lending Solution


Banking as a whole is undergoing a change. A larger option for the consumer is getting translated into a larger demand for financial products and customization of services is fast becoming a norm than a competitive advantage. With the Retail Banking sector expected to grow at a rate of 30%, banks are focusing more and more on Retail offerings and are waking up to the potential of this sector. Evident from the market sentiments to enhance the existing process into an efficient transparent and seamless execution, KCS has aligned and readied itself with – SyRELA comprehensive software that caters to the full Retail Lending & Scoring Functions for Co-Operative Banks.

"SyReLA" Solution

SyRELA is a complete end-to-end retail banking solution serving small to mid-size banks (Co-operative banks). Automates and manages the complete application processing flow of any retail finance instrument.

SyRELA provides for & generate loan reports (Sanction/Post Sanction) and various M IS reports that enable the bank to take corrective actions in a timely manner.

SyRELA is built with the objective of providing operational and decision making support to the entire loan origination process of Co-Operative Banks.

SyRELA helps banks in introducing new product offerings and tailor made schemes, reducing time-to-market and automating processes so as to provide a distinguishing factor within the retail loan space facilitate banks in introducing new product offerings.

SyRELA further enhances customer service levels, incorporates best-of-breed tools such as EMI calculator for Regular / Advance EMI calculation, loan Amortization chart, Loan Eligibility, and simple query based Defaulter Search tool.

SyRELA has a robust scoring module (customer specific) wherein the details of customers are automatically taken from the loan application, which is used by the system to generate customer scores.

SyRELA provides for the details of the transactions report and audit trail too would be maintained for internal and external audit enquires if required.

"SyRELA" - Solution Benefits

Using SyRELA, the entire loan origination process of the bank was automated with its highly parameterized, easy to use GUI operations. With SyRELA all branches are able to connect centrally. Loan processing has become easy with accurate, prompt information capture and a systematic approach to the entire process with less paperwork. A comprehensive MIS Reporting module filtered across multiple parameters ensures timely reports for operational personnel and provides critical inputs for the senior management.

System Features which Enable Benefit

  • » Data Availability and State of the art solution
  • » Relevant Data can be made available
  • » Standardized Loan application format
  • » Highly parameterized software with requisite inbuilt scoring model
  • » Defaulter list Checking of previously rejected borrower or existing borrower re-applying elsewhere in the Bank
  • » Security levels and passwords with access rights for proper validation of authority
  • » Reduced Administrative costs and Increased processing of loan
  • » Automatic Appraisal note preparation
  • » Default setting of Terms and conditions documents as per Loan scheme


  • » Prompt response ensures customer Satisfaction and Business growth
  • » Loans sanctioned on correct & accurate data
  • » Ensures capture of essential & mandatory data
  • » Allows bank to set up its own customized ratings
  • » Prompt & early identification of probable defaulters through Proper screening of customers & proper evaluation of customer with suitable Comparative Data
  • » Data Security through Authorized Access & Proper Authentication
  • » Ensures Optimum resource utilization
  • » Appraisal note preparation time & Borrower Sanction time reduced, Optimizes account handling per person
  • » Ensures loans are properly secured and relevant terms and documents are automatically attached.