DIGISIGN is a perfect solution to digitally sign, encrypt and decrypt confidential and/or important data files in any format and send it over internal network / e-mail securely. An easy-to-use, wizard based utility; is a highly reliable data transport between individuals and offices.

  • » Simple, menu based Wizard driven user interface - negligible learning time for your users
  • » Digitally sign a document / file
  • » Optionally, choose to Encrypt the file

DIGISIGN Auto-Sign Client

An optional component allows for automated 'polling' of a pre-configured input folder for data files that are picked up for signing and encryption, every few minutes. The Auto-Sign Client then either FTP's the files or emails them, to a pre-configured location.


The DIGISIGN Server is the enterprise component that allows for swift and automatic retrieval of encrypted & signed Data that have been sent by multiple DIGISIGN clients - either over FTP, or using the email. Once the DIGISIGN Server has verified the digital certificate, it automatically un-signs and decrypts ("un-envelopes") the data file attachments and keeps them in a pre-configured folder.

Manual Verification

The File Signer Utility is a bi-directional program, and received data file can be manually 'un-enveloped', decrypted and un-signed. The files signed are checked for:

  • » Data Integrity and
  • » Validity of the certificate


You can SAVE significantly on your mailing costs AND cut down on the transmit delays and make sure that your processes within the organization are well secured and provide the required timely delivery QUICKLY & SECURELY.